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Be Remarkable

Smart and fast are no longer enough, the challenges we face are as great as the opportunity we face individually and collectively. The opportunity to move mountains and molehills, the opportunity to evolve and grow in purpose. The opportunity to heal our hearts, our organizations and our world. The opportunity to transform failure into success, despair into repair, disengagement into purpose, potential into action, hope into faith.

I believe that the hallmark of life, is not failure, but rather our ability to turn failures around and use them to be remarkable. We are wired to be innately negative, a vestige from days when mere survival was remarkable. Understanding how our brain is wired, how to circumvent the grip of our amygdala and enhance our brain power while tapping into our best emotions and our greatest good is the first step in opening the pathway to breakthrough results.

Why are breakthrough results critical? Because the world is tough, and it will get tougher, but the opportunities for growth, for peace, for prosperity have never been greater. Opportunities that are masked by the sheer pace of change we face, opportunities that can easily go unnoticed. No man or woman is an island unto him/herself. We all play an important role in the lives of others and in our world. It is a role that we often forget, but it speaks to us quietly in our dreams, speaks to us silently in our hearts deepest wishes.

Sadly, too many of us give up the fight, we lose touch with our potential to make a difference, to contribute, to realize happiness and fulfillment because we become obsessed with doing and having, and forget how to be ONE with our greatest power. This blog is about realizing your potential, my potential, our potential to be remarkable. It is about learning to fill our pocketbooks and our souls. It is about growing up in a world that is rapidly changing, and that will no longer embrace our excuses.

It is about living the dream that has igniting the fire of human passion, purpose and potential. Beating the odds, celebrating our ability to rise, shine and soar in the face of adversity. It is about realizing our individual and collective ability to be remarkable. And, it is about the two primal emotions that drive our actions, our words, our thoughts; love and fear. It is about tapping into our power to give and receive love, and letting go of senseless fear that impales us on a vortex of torment, disappointment, pain, frustration. It is about letting go of stress, transforming our perspective so that we are living in alignment with our best self and our highest power. It is about the most important thing of all, growing into our potential to be remarkable!

Yours in service,